Vase and Dried Flowers

I love bright colors.  I’m not into dull green, weak red, puny purple…not at all.  I love bright, garish colors!  That’s probably why this vase and the dried flowers in it caught my attention when we were in the Wren’s Nest this past Saturday.  Had to use the on-camera flash (it was kinda dark in some of the rooms and  hallway), but such is life.

I was discussing with someone just a day or so ago about how grateful we are for color.  If I was colorblind, I couldn’t even begin to imagine all the incredible beauty that I would have missed.  Of course, being totally blind would be worse, but being color-blind would be bad enough.  I’m so grateful for the rich palette of color in creation!

I’m not sure whether I like the vase or the flowers more, but I thought they went well together.

Colors...the brighter the better...

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1883, Buffalo Bill Cody (Wiliam F. Cody) staged his first Wild West show.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: in 1841, Oberlin College became the first U.S. college to award degrees to women.  Good for them!!!!


One thought on “Vase and Dried Flowers

  1. What famous expression do you think of when you look at this picture????

    ( Fire in the Hole!!!!!!!!)
    OK It is very beautiful! Alive, active, and Christmassy!<<New word:)

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