For the Birds

I wonder where the saying, “That’s for the birds!” came from?  Anyone have any insight without having to look it up?  Maybe we should start a “best guess” contest where everyone makes their best guess on the origin of that saying and then we can vote on who came up with the best suggestion?  If you want to send me your ideas, I’ll try to post a poll after a couple of days.

Today’s picture is of the Wren’s Nest that I referred to yesterday.  I just thought this was a beautiful home, sitting in the shade of a several acre parcel in Atlanta.  It used to be out in the boonies when John Chandler Harris lived there, but it’s surrounded now by city and development.  Mr. Harris did his writing of the Uncle Remus stories from the porch that you see on the right of the picture.  It’s a huge porch that wraps around both sides of the house and across the entire front…a perfect southern porch on which one could sit and drink iced tea or a mint julep!

Mr. Harris and his wife used to entertain some rather famous people here, including Andrew Carnegie and Harris’ other friend, Theodore Roosevelt, among others.  The home is now a national historical site.ion

Anyway, the home was as beautiful inside as it was outside.  Lovely…

The Wren's Nest Home of John Chandler Harris

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1803, France agreed to sell Louisiana to the United States, though the sale wouldn’t be completed until December of that year.  In 1812, it became the 18th state of the Union.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: a cluster or bunch of bananas is called a “hand.”  Individual bananas are called…that’s right, “fingers.”  Next time you are going to eat a banana, you can proudly proclaim, “I think I’ll eat a finger now!”


3 thoughts on “For the Birds

  1. I did not look this up! I think it had to be an old farmer who once saw the birds were eating all his crops and so he said” I know what I’ll do I will stand here and chase them old birds away and he stood all day long but he never got any work done.Then he thought may be I’ll get a dog to watch over the fields while I work them and the very large dog Brutis came and watched over the fields and he barked and he barked but he got Laryngitis and gave up and took a long nap,so the farmer was very upset because he had to keep planting seeds all the time Then a little boy down the street aid why don’t you make a man a out of your own clothes and put this man in the garden and have him watch over for you? The birds will never know and you can work the dog can sleep and the birds will stay away.The old farmer was so happy he rewarded the boy and asked the boy if he wanted to help him make this man that stands in the garden the boy jumped right in at it and together they made the biggest man and scariest man the birds ever saw and placed him right center in the garden and the birds looked and flew by every day they flew by. A farmer down the street came over because he never saw such beautiful crops and he asked him what is this man doing in your garden did you hire a new hand? The farmer looked at him and said yes but I don’t have to pay this guy he stands there for nothing and my crops are beautiful OH! The man said That’s for the birds?

  2. OK I got another one just the opposite of asking a question it will be a declarative sentence. One day ST Francis of Assisi came out into his garden of roses and his hands were closed and a old Friar came up to him and said “good day Francis and what have we here?” Francis said” Here? “What are you talking about?” the Friar then said;” your hands are clinched tight, what are you going to do now? are you upset Francis?” Then Francis opened his both hands and looked at the Friar and said “Oh you mean this?” “that’s for the Birds!”

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