Why, Hello Scarlett!

After yestuhday, I’m really into this suthun’ thing.  Why?  I met Scarlett O’Ohara on Sunday afternoon at the Blue Willow Inn.  Well, not THE Scarlett O’Hara, but a modern embodiment of the ideah.

Y’all see, it went down like this: when we went up to the front of the Blue Willow where we were going to be eatin’, this lovely vision in a purple dress was theyuh to greet us.  She was very friendly, in fact, she was the designated greetah, whatever that means.  Laurel and her friend saw a sign for a gift shop, of they traipsed off in that theyah direcshun while I was left alone with Miss Scarlett.

Poor little thang, she had terrible allergies and as the wind was blowin’ and the pollen count was highuh than the cotton in the fields, she was sufferin’ miserably.  Pooah thang, she was obliged to stay outside and greet all the visituhs who came to dine at the Blue Willuh.  Still, she kept a smile on her face.  I found out that Miss Scarlett had only been workin’ theyah as a greetah for the sum total of two whole weeks.

I am a person who loves the coluh purple, and her dress caught mah eye and I asked Miss Scarlett if she would do me the favah of lettin’ me capture her likeness.  She was very happy to comply with my request, smilin’ sweetly and sayin’, “Of coase you may!”  (Her accent was very strong, by the by…)  After snappin’ this southun’ belle, I moseyed up onta the porch and sat me down in a white rockin’ chaiuh until my bride and her friend returned from their shoppin’ and we went inside to tantalize our taste buds with delicious victuals.

If Rhett was around, my guess is that I might have wound up with a black eye, but he wasn’t theyah, so I managed to escape this encountah with some shots of the lovely Miss Scarlett to shauh with all you folk out theyah.

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1980, an American commando mission to rescue 53 American embassy hostages being held by revolutionaries in Iran came to a tragic conclusion when a helicopter being used in the effort crashed in the desert before the mission could be attempted.  Eight soldiers lives were lost when the chopper collided with an airborne refueling tanker.  The mission was aborted.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: a midden is the name given to a pile of trash left over from the kitchen or dinner table.


One thought on “Why, Hello Scarlett!

  1. Wow! That’s a very beautiful dress,purple is one of my favorite colors and Futucha is another one I have allot of purple and I love satin of all colors:) Purple and white and white shoes are very nice combo.They are dressed like this because they are very proud of their heritage and in Nova Scotia they do the same. Gee your lucky you get to go to all the nice places and see all the history I have been on a few trips but that was in moving only,never just a nice relaxing trip for fun and sight seeing.I’m always home no one wants to go anywhere.I would love to go to Nova Sctia and to ST Johns Island they say it’s really beautiful there. May be some day:) Nice picture!!!!! PAX!

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