One of my least favorite words in the English language is nausea or nauseous.  The word in the Greek comes from naus, meaning ship, and was literally describing sea-sickness.  In case you didn’t know the difference between nausea or nauseous, the latter is used for “something sickening to contemplate”…such as being stricken with nausea, while nausea is the feeling of sea-sickness.

I’ve not posted for several days due to either a recurrence of a virus-like bug that struck me the latter part of the week before Easter, or something else going on in my body.  It’s the strangest thing: I’ve had nausea, but very little pain or other symptoms except a rapid heartbeat when I’ve been smitten with the nausea.  It lasts about 36-48 hours, then goes away leaving me as weak as a newborn kitten.  One thing I’m sure it’s not: morning sickness…because it lasts all day, and, well, physiologically, there is no way I could be pregnant anyway!!!

So, my apologies for no posts recently, but I’m on the rebound again, and hoping and praying that it is over now for good.  I’ve been sick a couple times now since moving to Georgia – and I probably hadn’t missed 4 days total of work in the prior 20 years of my life except for when I had my heart surgery back in 2001.  I hope it’s not connected to where we are living!!!  If there’s anything I hate, it is nausea!!!  I don’t think I’ve felt that miserable since one evening in the hospital after my heart surgery when I was…yep, you guessed it, nauseated.  A dear friend from work had come to visit me and I was so nauseated that I couldn’t even speak to her, but bless her heart, she just sat there beside my bed and held my hand when I felt so sick.  I’ll forever be grateful for her kindness that evening and for understanding how sick I felt!

Today’s picture is actually a photo I took of a bed of flowers while zooming and turning my camera.  Then, I went into Photoshop and applied a radial blur to the picture to approximate nausea.  When I did that, I probably overdid the radial blur (which I could have backed out of) but I actually found that I liked the result…and to be honest, I think it made a rather pretty picture when all is said and done, and it’s not so nauseating after all.  And that’s probably good…I don’t want to feel sick again for a long, long time!!!

Spinning, my head is spinning, like a whirlpool it never ends...and it's nausea making it spin!!!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1838, the steamship Sirius became the first steamship to cross the Atlantic by steam power alone.  The British vessel left Cork and arrived in New York in 18 days and 10 hours.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the strongest any liquor can be is 190 proof, meaning it is about 97 percent alcohol.


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