The Giant Sucking Sound

I had a fairly hectic day today.  I didn’t have time to think about what to post, so I looked at Fat Mum Slim’s suggestion for “Photo a Day” for April.  What do you think it was about today?  It suggests taking a picture of “something you don’t like.”  I thought about it for a while (about 2 seconds) and concluded, “I know!  I know what I’ll take a picture of!”  Hence, the photo of the vacuum cleaner.

What don’t I like vacuum cleaners?  Several reasons, I suppose: 1) they make the air smell kinda funny…every notice that?; 2) they represent work, more specifically, manual labor, which I object to on principle!; 3) they (at least ours) is heavy and expensive, and if one is going to spend that kind of money on something, you’d think the least they could do is figure out how to make it enjoyable, like putting a small TV screen on the handle so you could watch a DVD or movie from a thumb-drive while using the stupid thing; 4) they are noisy and make a giant sucking sound that is at about the precise pitch to hurt your eardrums!

And besides, how much more appropriate could it be to have a picture of something you don’t like on tax day!?!?!  Now, Fat Mum Slim lives in Australia, so she couldn’t possibly have done that on purpose, could she?  I mean, it would be cruel and unusual punishment to do that to us English-speaking brethren, wouldn’t it?  I’m sure it was just co-incidence, but today is the day when we hear our government sucking the last pennies out of the piggy bank for this year.

Oh, well.  Enjoy this picture of our vacuum cleaner.  I may throw it out tomorrow.

In honor of tax day here in the US...

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1969, Sirhan B. Sirhan was convicted of the assassination of Robert Kennedy, who he shot during Kennedy’s primary campaign for President.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: pleonexia is the clinical term for morbid greediness.


One thought on “The Giant Sucking Sound

  1. Pleonexia,that’s what I was trying to remember,the next president is next in line to catch this dreaded disease! This is highly contagious and we need to do allot of praying for these kinda people! OH! My! Plankers away!!!

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