Fences and Forests and Grass, Oh My!

A bit over a week ago I did a post with a photo I’d taken at New Echota, which served as the capital of the sovereign Cherokee nation, located near present-day Calhoun, Georgia.  There is only one original building still standing there (interestingly enough it is the home of the missionary that lived there and befriended the Cherokee people.)

Outside the area surrounding the missionary’s home is a split rail fence, which is not orginal, but was nevertheless photogenic.  Here in Georgia, with the extremes of weather and plenitude of insects, wood products typically just don’t last that long unless extreme measures are taken, so that alone is enough to tell me the split rail fence wasn’t an original without even having to ask the question.  (I did, however, ask about a split rail barrier I saw at Pickett’s Mill, a Civil War battlefield that is supposedly the best preserved of all the battlefields.  I was quickly informed that wood that is left in its natural condition just doesn’t last that long here in the great Georgian outdoors.  I felt a bit foolish, but I look foolish, too!)

So, here’s the split rail fence, bounded by the forest, holding in the grass. Oh, one more thing: my lovely bride took this picture, not me!  I think she did a splendid job!!!

Split Rail Fence at New Echota, GA

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1969, the Concorde made its maiden flight from Bristol to Fairford in England.  I wonder how long it took…and why they didn’t pick a longer trip!  They wouldn’t have been able to get supersonic on such a short journey!!!  (Maybe they didn’t want to mimic the Titanic and push their luck?????)

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  when John F. Kennedy was president and his daughter, Caroline, was living in the White House, you could buy “Caroline” dolls in stores.  Did any of you have one?


One thought on “Fences and Forests and Grass, Oh My!

  1. YEP! It is a great picture!!! We have so many of these fences here I love them and they are just tree drops or branches or you can split the wood like they did,nice!
    I counted my barbie dolls and I have 35 of them from the 60’s. This week I gave away two carousel horse music boxes to some children we just met, and three dolls that were vintage and they were very happy kids.I never had the Caroline doll.
    Do you know what missionary it was that the fence belonged to?

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