Visit to the Badlands

Most of this past week I spent on a visit to the Badlands.  No, not the ones in South Dakota, but the bad lands of influenza.  I VERY seldom get sick, and I can’t remember the last time I had the flu.  I always get a flu shot in the fall, and I did again this year.  But this flu still found a way to creep into my system.

It was on Wednesday afternoon that I started to feel pretty badly.  Thursday was bad, but Thursday night before going to bed, I thought I may have turned the corner.  Not so!  Thursday night was awful, and Friday was the worst day of the week.  Flat on my back pretty much both days.  Today, thankfully, I am doing MUCH better.

This was a strange flu, and I’d be interested in knowing if any of the rest of you have had it.  It affected me by just making me nauseous…I only tried to throw up one time (unsuccessfully with the dry heaves), but I was too nauseous to get up.  That’s about it.  No fever, none of that…just nausea.  So, how about it?  Any of the rest of you visited those bad lands recently?

Here’s a picture I took in the real Badlands in 2006 when we were on our way back from a family reunion in Iowa.  I’d never been there before, but I’m glad we went.  It was worth seeing.  My only regret is that after we drove through the Badlands, we got to Little Big Horn too late to get in and had to miss it.

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1864, the first camel race in the United States was held in Sacramento, CA.  Crazy goings-on have been happening in that state ever since!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  President James Buchanan was a gracious host while in the White House.  When the Prince of Wales visited the President in 1860, he brought so many guests with him that there weren’t enough beds.  The President opted to sleep in the hallway so one of his guests could use his bedroom.


4 thoughts on “Visit to the Badlands

  1. Hii Galen. Influenza is strictly a respiratory illness, and has nothing to do with the GI (gastrointestinal) tract. Symptoms are confined to the upper and lower respiratory tracts, and feature cough, chest congestion, fever, headache, myalgias (muscle aches). No GI symptoms. A common misnomer is “stomach flu,” but there is no such things. Likely your influenza vaccination protected you against the real thing, but not the hundreds of viruses that cause GI illness, common cold, etc. Jean (working at CDC)

  2. Flu season ended in March for zone4 and that is Georgia now if you were near any children then expect to catch any and all germs that make you wish you never herd of kids! The biggest germ carriers are children,and crowded places:) People may not wash their hands so it does you no good if you do, so then carry around the hand sanitizer that will do it:)I am so glad you feel better! Blessings and Peace! PS hand sanitizer is only good for 5-6
    times then you will need to wash your hands.

    1. Yeah…I have been around my grandkids…the two that live near us. One goes to a pre-school, so I’m sure she has been exposed to lots of stuff. I should get some hand sanitizer, I’m sure.



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