OK, this will be short and brief.  I’ve had the flu pretty much all week and today was the worst so far, but I think I’m starting to turn the corner tonight.  I’ve been pretty much flat today, so I didn’t shoot anything.

On the photo list for today, we’re supposed to take pictures of something tiny or small.  I’m digging into the archives for today’s picture of a dead fly I shot a while back.

Fly Eyes!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1869, Daniel Bakeman, the last surviving Revolutionary War soldier died at 109 years of age.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Richard Cadbury created the first Valentine’s candy box in the late 1800’s.


4 thoughts on “Yuck

  1. Okay, this is perfect in design and totally gross at the same time. It’s truly amazing when you really look at something like this (ignoring the ickyness) and the incredible details even an insect has to survive and thrive in the world. Thanks for sharing, hope you feel better soon. Enjoy your Easter weekend!

  2. OK This fly looks like he didn’t make the corner on the left side because his vision was blocked by a hair in his eye,so he flew right into the wall and that was his end, and this end to:) I hope you burried him after taking his picture after all he is a star!!!!!

  3. That’s why you shouldn’t let them land on your food you get to eat their dust! Blessings and Peace!!!!!!! Happy Easter!

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