Crown of the Continent

Running through the middle of Glacier National Park is a road that bisects the part.  Glacier has been nick-named “The Crown of the Continent” because it sits on the continental divide.

If you want to think of the roads in the park, it’s almost like they form an “H”…roads that run up and down the eastern and western sides, and a road that goes through the middle.  The road that cuts through the middle is aptly named, “Going to the Sun Road”.  It has been called by some the most beautiful 18-mile stretch of road in the world.  I suppose that would be open to debate, but there is no denying that it is beautiful.

The road leads to the Continental Divide and Logan Pass, which sits at the apex of the road.  It is incredibly beautiful.  There is a visitor center there on the western side of the road.  If you get out of your car you can follow a trail that heads westbound from the back of the visitor center and winds up along the peak behind the center.  Keep on following it around the southern end of the peak and you’ll eventually come to Hidden Lake, which nestles down in a glacier-hewn bowl.  It isn’t very crowded and you are very likely to run into some big-horn sheep or pointy-horned mountain goats as you traverse the path.  I was fortunate enough to catch this one looking down from his rock over the lake below.

Today’s picture was taken back in 2008 (or was it 2006) when we last visited Glacier.  I must say that Glacier is my favorite national park, and I’ve been blessed to see many of them.  I would go every year…in fact, I’d live there if I could.  I encourage you…put it on your bucket list.  But plan your trip and check road conditions frequently because sometimes you can’t drive over Logan Pass until in July!

Hidden Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in April, 1967, Johnny Carson quit “The Tonight Show” show.  He returned three weeks later with an additional $30,000 per week.  Poor guy…I wonder how he managed to make ends meet.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: apricot trees first came from China, and by the 13th century, they’d made it to England via Italy.


2 thoughts on “Crown of the Continent

  1. That mountain goat is very relaxed because he knows he is safe where he lives.Even in hunting season:) God’s earth is beautiful!

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