I’ve Decided…

I have decided that:

1. Babies fingernails are sharper than the hardest, sharpest diamond-edge cutting device;

2. Babies pulling your chest hair just above the neck of your t-shirt hurts more than quadruple-bypass surgery;

3. We often miss the glory of small things because we’re looking for bigger things and fail to see the small things;

4. We take the richness of color in the world around us for granted.

I don’t know what any of those have to do with today’s picture, except for the color and seeing smaller things more critically.  I shot this picture of some stained glass in the chapel at our church last night before choir practice started.  Shooting stained glass provides some very real challenges for several reasons: 1) the lighting is usually very challenging – if it is sunny outside, the brighter areas of the picture will overwhelm the darker areas of stained glass; 2) if you don’t have a scaffold that you can climb up on, chances are that you pictures will have some vertical/horizontal distortion due to lens effects as you look up or down at part of the image.

Alas, the lighting wasn’t too bad last night, but I had no scaffold.  All I could do was shoot hand-held from my feet, so there is some vertical distortion in most of my stained glass shots from last night, but I love the colors of stained glass enough that I can put up with that. I also liked the look of texture on the vertical beam of the cross towards the left hand edge of the picture, and the gradations in the other colors (rays of the sun, etc.) This is also just a small portion of a larger window, so it is about seeing small things and letting them fill up the lens, too!

A portion of stained glass...detail of a larger section of glass.

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1848, for the first time in recorded history, Niagara Falls stopped flowing due to an ice blockage above the falls.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the hides of female blue sharks are about twice as thick as the hides of the male blue shark.  Marine biologists and ichthyologists believe it is useful in helping to avoid damage from courtship bites!


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