A Georgia Springtime

This is our first spring in Georgia.  Let me say this about my first impressions: springtime here is beautiful!  The weather has been fantastic the past 2 weeks and temps are forecast for all this week in the mid-70’s, with lows at night around 53-58.  Perfect sleeping weather!  (I wonder if I’ll be eating those words come summer!  I fear that may be the case.)

Right now the trees that are in bloom are spectacular.  There are white, pink, purple, yellow flowers everywhere.  And the azaleas!!!  Reds, pinks, whites, lavender, purples…and they are huge, not small little plants.  They must love the Georgia clay and weather.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

I know every year when the Master’s golf tournament rolls around that they talk about the azaleas in Georgia and how beautiful it is.  We’re learning what they’re talking about.  I have truly been impressed.  The leaves are appearing rapidly on the trees and it is delightful.  I’m hoping that spring lasts all year long!!!

Here is a shot of some azaleas that are growing in our back yard.

Delight on a stem...

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1965, the U.S. spacecraft, Ranger 9, crashed into the moon.  It took 5000 pictures on its way down, and those pictures were broadcast for the first time on live TV.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: when one cooks poultry and finds bones with dark splotches, it means that the bird was previously frozen.  When poultry is frozen, the blood in the bone marrow ruptures, and when it is thawed, the ruptured cells leak causing discoloration.  Cooking then turns the red splotches dark brown.


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