I Wonder…

Boy, I gotta tell you that early this morning while I was holding my youngest grand-daughter (6 months old) and rocking her while she slept, I got to pondering some of the world’s mysteries.  I just wonder about things a lot because one thing I’ve learned throughout the years is this: things aren’t always what they seem.  Perhaps you can identify with that!

There are those who think that earth was colonized by advanced aliens at some point in the past.  I can’t help but wonder if maybe those advance aliens were dogs who studied life on this planet and decided we needed to really learn how to love, so they came concealed as dogs to teach us about unconditional love.  I wonder…

Scientists say that when we look up at the sky during the night and see those tiny pinpricks of light that we’re seeing distant stars and galaxies.  Scientists have been wrong before, you know: the earth is flat, the sun revolves around the earth, etc.  But what if instead of stars and galaxies, they’re really large fireflies flitting through the ether?  I wonder…

Geologists tell us that we have earthquakes because of plate tectonics and fault lines under the surface of the earth.  I have another idea: perhaps there’s a race of humanoid-like creatures that live below ground and sometimes they have a party and they turn the bass up to loud and when they do, we shake, rattle and roll because of the loud volume?  I wonder…

If you saw the movie, Men in Black, you may remember a scene where there was a little tiny “alien” living inside of a large machine that looked like a human, but the little critter was really at connected by electrodes and wires and what have you and when he moved his arms, the human-like machine would move his arms, etc.  I wonder if inside of each of us “big people” there’s still a little child hidden away somewhere that’s making us move.  I wonder…

What are some of the things you wonder about?

Lucy sometimes makes me wonder: are dogs perhaps advanced aliens who came to teach us about some things?

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1743, Handel’s Messiah debuted in London.  The English king, George II, set a precedent by standing for the Hallelujah Chorus.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Shelta is an esoteric jargon based on Irish and Gaelic, and it is still spoken by tinkers and vagrants in some parts of Ireland and England.


One thought on “I Wonder…

  1. I wonder if those fireflies you see are really angels up there stationed to watch over this earth for God and send him reports every day of what is going on here and names to:)
    When I was younger I believed that dreams came true
    Now I wonder
    Cause’ I’ve seen much more dark skies than blue
    Now I wonder

    I keep on praying for a blue sky
    I keep on searching through the rain
    I keep on thinking of the good times
    Will they ever come again
    Now I wonder
    Oh I wonder

    When I was younger I believed that I could win
    Now I wonder
    There was a time when you and I walked hand in hand
    Now I wonder

    I keep on searching for the old me
    I keep on thinking I can change
    I keep on hoping for a new day
    Will I ever feel the same
    Now I wonder
    Oh I wonder
    Now I wonder

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