The Funny Chub

You’ve heard of comedy clubs.  How about a comedy chub?

Let me explain: I sometimes struggle with what to shoot for any given day.  Some friends on Facebook has discovered a web site that offers suggestions for what to take a picture of each day during the month.  Some are serious, some are frivolous and others just plain silly.  But today’s suggestion was to take a picture of something funny.

OK, confession: the only thing I took pictures of today wasn’t very funny.  It was a tire that I’d bought in California in December which, according to the dealer here in Atlanta, suffered a sidewall separation.  I took pictures of it in case I could use it as evidence for a warranty claim because I couldn’t find a dealer in this area who carried that brand of tires.  So, I had to buy a new tire…probably with no chance of getting any money back from the manufacturer due to what may have been a defect in the production of the tire.  So, I had to search through some recent pictures that I’d taken to find something funny.

I think this is a funny picture!  It is a shot of my youngest granddaughter that caught her at the right (wrong?) angle and makes her face look incredibly chubby!!!  She’s really not that fat!  I’m not saying she’s not been packing on the weight, but that’s what you’re supposed to be doing at 6 months of age (but not at 60 years of age!)  I am sorry, but she’s just got this great smile that makes me happy every time I see her light up her own smile, which is on display here.  Most of the time, the smile is far cuter, but in this picture, it just plain looks funny!

So, welcome to my funny picture for the day.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a before/after picture.  Humm…wonder what I’m going to do for that one?  While today’s picture may not make you guffaw with laughter, I bet it’ll at least cause a smile to crease the corners of your mouth!!!

My Funny Chub!!!!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1831, the first bank robbery in history of the US was reported by the City Bank of New York City.  The loss was $245,000 – a staggering sum for that time!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: actor Walter Matthau’s father was an Eastern Rite Catholic priest in Czarist Russia.


One thought on “The Funny Chub

  1. This child is beautiful,how come no teeth at 6 months?She won’t be smiling when they do come in all at once:(God Bless her always:)
    NOW for your tire I am soooo thankful you guys got to your destination with this tire and did not get a blowout on the highway you might not have made it but the Lord is watching over you.Copy your statement and go on line and search out this company for a refund I am sure they must have a policy for the customer.Tell them you cannot get back there but you can get a written statement from a reputable dealer there where you are to e-mail for them to see. Ans you should get your refund I hope.They should know because tires are your life if they blow because the sidewalls let go you might have killed yourself or someone else. Don;t let this go let them know before your warranty runs out. Blessings and Peace!

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