Desire to Live

Life is fragile.  Life is hearty.  Life is an enigma.

Whatever else may be said for life, life does go on.  For countless generations, like a wheel spinning endlessly, humans have gone on.  Trees and flowers and birds and alligators…seemingly in an unending circle of life.

Every now and then we see evidence of the persistence of life.  It may be something as small as a blade of grass that breaks the surface of an asphalt parking lot.  It may be a tiny, pre-mature baby that, in spite of all the odds stacked against her, survives and grows to live a full life.

On a recent hike through the woods to a water fall, we passed today’s scene by the side of the trail.  It’s a scene that could easily have been missed, because on the ascending part of the trail heading towards the falls from the parking lot, it looks like a rock pile with a tree growing on the other side of it.  But, once you get on the other side, you can see that the tree wasn’t growing out of the dirt on the other side, but it grew as a tiny seed that got down inside of a very large rock and it flourished and grew until split the massive rock.  In the picture you can clearly see the lower part of the trunk in between the rock slabs that it split.  Pretty cool, eh?

Life is not only hearty…it is precious.  We need to appreciate it more than we do!

A tiny seed split the rock...

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: Golda Meir was sworn in as Israel’s fourth Prime Minister.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: California boasts the lowest and  highest points in the continental United States.  Death Valley is 282 feet below sea level, while Mt. Whitney is 14, 491 feet above sea level at its peak.


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