Down in the Holler

Yessuh, folk talk funny roun’ these here parts.  They talk about things like “sewin’ machine awl” (oil) and things down in the woods in a low-lyin’ place as bein’ “down in the holler.”  (hollow)

Well, yessiree, I’m gettin’ the hang of it, I think.  And here’s a barn shot I took recently that was down in the holler a wee bit.

I hopes y’all ‘ll come back now, heah?

The barn down in the holler...

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1916, President Woodrow Wilson sent 12,000 US troops over the border into Mexico in a failed attempt to apprehend the bandit, Pancho Villa.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  at the time of the Civil War, New Orleans was the Confederates most populous city.


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