Changing of the Guard

A beautiful spring day in Georgia today!  It as a bit cool this morning, but the wind died down and it was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.  We went in for a free(!) heart scan using some kind of high-tech thingie (I heard it advertised on the radio “a complimentary heart scan” if you sat and listened to a spiel for a while first and given my family history, I figured it would be worth it!), and afterwards we were anxious to explore a bit.  We went to Marietta (more on that another day!), and then came back to Norcross and did some grocery shopping.

I’d notice on numerous occasions an office building about 1/2 mile from us that had a highly reflective outer “skin”.  At different times the color it reflects changes as the angle of the sun moves, the clouds come and go, etc., but there are now trees starting to blossom all over the area, and I had always thought it would be worth shooting for fun.  Since I had my camera with me (duh!), I told Laurel that we’d stop there on our way back from grocery shopping so I could take a few exposures.  Today’s photo is one of them. To me, it speaks of the changing of the guard as the winter is nearly all over and the springtime has come.  A sign of the times…and then, time changes tonight, too!  That’s a sure give-away!

Look at the reflections of the tree trunks, the flowers on the branches, etc.  I kinda liked it.

A changing of the guard as winter gives way to spring...

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1922, Mahatma Gandhi was arrested by the government and charged with sedition.  He was found guilty and sentenced to 6 years in prison.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the Hope diamond was acquiared by King Louis XIV in 1668.  It was worn 120 years later by Marie Antoinette and now resides in the Smithsonian.  The beautiful natural blue diamond weighs 44.5 carats.  You won’t find something like that in your box of Cracker Jacks.


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