Meet Cadillac Jack

I love animals.  Even though I make a big deal out of not liking cats, I’m just teasing.  Well, not really.  I don’t like them especially (except my granddaughter Kai’s cat, Tallulah, who is so afraid of strangers that she runs away anytime comes in the house – she’d never have gotten a job as a “watch panther”!), but I’d never hurt one on purpose.  There is just something primal about animals and their simplicity and humbleness that humans lost a long time ago.

When we were in Helen, GA, this past weekend, they had horse drawn carriages to take folks around the scenic little town.  That’s where we met Cadillac Jack.  Cadillac Jack is a cart puller.  I wonder how long he’s been doing that, and how he feels about it.  Does he like it, dislike it but tolerate it, or does he hate it?  He seemed to be very docile and content, so I’m hoping he’s a very happy horse.

We had our dog, Lucy, with us.  Cadillac Jack’s owner saw that I was hesitant to bring the dog close (I was envisioning her scaring Cadillac Jack, him bolting or bucking wildly, bodies and parts of the cart flying everywhere), but she called out to me that Cadillac Jack is very friendly and likes other animals.  So, with Lucy on her leash, I started to move close to Cadillac Jack.  We got to within about 10 feet or so, and Cadillac Jack moved his head.  I don’t know what Lucy had been thinking up to that point, but I’m not sure he realized he was alive or could move.  Boy, did she jump back!!!!  So, I tried again, got to within about 8 feet, and she jumped back again.  She never was willing to get close to him.  Why?  I don’t know.  But here’s what I think she would have told me if she could speak English: “Wow, dad!  That’s the biggest dog I’ve ever seen!”

Cadillac Jack ready to work...
Cadillac Jack ready for his close-up!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell from Salem, Massachusetts, got a patent for the telephone.  It turns out that the telephone had nearly bankrupted his company…but he soon recovered any losses!!!!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the dog and the turkey were the only 2 domesticated animals in ancient Mexico.


4 thoughts on “Meet Cadillac Jack

  1. He’s nice:) My friend down the road had a cart puller and when we had the Fresh Air kids here for two weeks they got to ride on him and not long after that he died.It was his last pull he was 28 and had pulled for years and he really enjoyed it:)

  2. I drove Jack in college back in 2005/2006. He is a great guy and very well cared for :) I haven’t seen him around in a few years when I have been back to visit. :( Even when we saw him in 2010, I did a whistle I used for him, and he raised his head, pricked his ears, and nickered towards me.

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