Feeling Expansive

Have you ever had one of those days when it seems that the entire world is your oyster?  That there are unlimited possibilities almost within reach, just around the corner?  Where you think you can finally get a glimpse of really good things in the future?

Days like that make you feel expansive, don’t they?  Maybe not.  But I love GOOD days!!!!  And today was a good day…and I’m feeling expansive, so I thought, “What would be a good photo for the kind of expansive feeling I’ve got going on inside me?”

Voila!  The Grand Canyon!  There’s not much that’s more expansive than that incredible canyon in Arizona. The canyon includes 277 miles of river, at points it is over 18 miles wide, a mile and a half deep.  It isn’t the deepest canyon in the world, nor the widest…but if you’ve ever seen it, there’s no denying it is overwhelming in size, grandeur, and its ability to produce awe in even the most hardened fan of scenery and the great outdoors.  If you’ve not been, it is something the belongs on your bucket list.

So, I dug through my archives and found a picture that reflects my mood for today. It was an overcast, mostly gray, dark day…with even some sprinkles.  But it was OH SO WORTH IT!

I hope you’ve had a good day, too…and that tomorrow will be even better!!!

Feelin' expansive today!!!!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1498, Martin Pinzon, the commander of the Pinta, arrived in Bayona, Spain, and the Old World got its first news of the New World.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Teddy Roosevelt was the first U. S. President to ride in an automobile.


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