On Good Days – But Not Tonight!

This will be a quick one today.. .

On good days what do you like to do?  Some folks may want to get out for a hike or bike ride.  On warm summer days, maybe you hit the beach or the pool.

Dogs love warm, sunny days and laying in the sun.  We have had a few warm days, and I took today’s photo on one such day.  Lucy had been chasing the ball until she was worn out, then she took it and lay down in the warmth to enjoy her doggy life.  Usually, she loves to be outdoors…but not tonight!

As I write this, the lighting is flashing, the thunder is rolling, it’s dumping rain.  And, to top it off, for the first time since we’ve moved to Georgia, we have tornado warnings tonight.  I don’t know as any have been spotted anywhere, but I guess the conditions are good for it.

We got home from choir practice (I can’t believe we’re singing in a choir that has Laura Story, the Grammy winner, in it!) and I opened the door to let Lucy go out like she does every night about this time…she stuck her nose out the door and that was as far as she got.  Maybe she’s a bit on the nervous side, too.

There are times you can relax, but not tonight in Georgia...

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1940, Hattie McDaniel won the Oscar for her role as “Mammy”, the former slave and housemaid in the movie Gone With the Wind.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: though there are volcanos on other planets, they do not have mountain ranges like earth does…only planet earth has plate tectonics.


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