A Georgia Repair Job

There are some things that are famous for their utility, such as WD-40 oil.  It seems it can be used for many things besides just a spray-on lubricant to free up rusty nuts and bolts.  I’ve read that it even is very appealing to catfish – you can spray it on your bait and the fish will love it!  (I’ve not tried it, and I’m not sure it’s legal…so don’t go telling anyone that I suggested you do it.

Perhaps there’s nothing that has a better reputation for being able to fix anything than Duct Tape (there is a brand called Duck Tape…but it’s still Duct Tape)!!!  If duct tape won’t hold it together, chances are that nothing will!

But what do you do when a barn starts to fall apart, and some of the roof is failing?  In today’s picture, you’ll see one such solution: if the roof if made of corrugated metal, you just throw on a new piece and wait for the next section to fail so you can repeat the process.

This is another old barn I saw about 10 days ago.  I shot it with the 300mm telephoto lens because I couldn’t get anywhere close to it.  But, it’s a barn.  It’s a picture.  It’s old.  It’s dilapidated.  But it’s a barn.

Resting..and rusting..in Georgia

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: the newly built “USS Princeton” fired one of its guns on a demonstration cruise on the Potomac.  It exploded, killing the Secretary of State, Secretary of the Navy and several others.  The US President, John Tyler, was also on board and narrowly escaped being killed.  TRIVIA FOR TODAY: a teaspoon of neutron star matter weighs about 110 million tons.


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