I love bodies of water.

The ocean is so powerful and the salty mist that blows off the rolling breakers is refreshing.

I love lakes, especially mountain lakes high up in the sky that fill bowls between the peaks and ridges.  I love lakes kissed by aspens and other trees as they perform their magical act of fall as their leaves explode into the colors of the rainbow and are reflected in the still, quiet mirror of the lake.

I love rivers and streams, dancing toward lower elevations over stones, boulders and across golden sandbars that defy the river’s power.

I love creeks, small, seemingly powerless, but through their patience they carve out ditches, valleys and even canyons.

On our way coming home from church today, I looked off to the left of the road about a block and a half from our house and was intrigued by the small creek that split a townhouse development into two halves.  The sun was shining down through the trees, the grass was green and dappled between the sun and tree shadows, and the little creek was oblivious to it all, going about its business without complain or sound.  I told my wife I had to walk back down and take a picture.

What you see today is one of my photos of the scene.  It actually is a composite of three pictures because I decided that with the range of light between the sunlit areas and the darkness of the creek bank and trees, it would be a good subject for a high-dynamic range image.  I rather like how it turned out, but you may not.  Not everyone likes HDR images…I don’t like them if they look too obvious as HDR, and this image starts to get to that point, but I still liked it.

The work of a lifetime done in silence...

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1915, flame-throwers were used in warfare for the first time as the third guard pioneer German regiment used them against the French as Malancourt.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: a “nullipara” is a technical term applied to a woman who has never borne a child.  


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