Havin’ a Ball

I wonder where the saying, “I’m having a ball!” came from.  Maybe it’s just because playing with a ball is so much fun…and has been for little kids and adults alike.  Little kids can sit and roll a ball back and forth, back and forth, delightedly for hours on end.  And when we get to be grow-ups, we play all sorts of games with balls: baseball, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, ping-pong, racquet ball, squash, lacrosse, rugby…you get the point.  I mean, grown men and women can’t even seem to put the ball down and leave it behind.  Even today, I love to shoot hoops, throw a baseball, you name it!

So, maybe the saying just is an observation of the fun we have playing a game with a ball in it.  Dogs are no different.  When we took our dog, Lucy, on a walk in the woods lately, we came back with lots of sticks for her to play fetch with in our back yard.  She’s worked her way through most of those now, so last weekend, I bought 2 tubes of tennis balls (see…another game, like golf, with a ball in it!) and thought I’d start throwing those for her instead of sticks for her to retrieve.  Little did I know that she would love chasing the ball so much, and apparently the feel of it in her mouth, that she won’t give me the ball back so I can throw it again.  With sticks, she’d eventually surrender the stick (maybe because she was getting bits of bark in our mouth and was hacking away!), but not with the ball.

Today was a beautiful day, so I took her out in the back yard today and threw the ball.  I took my camera and snapped off a few shots.  I think this one best shows her delight as she was in mid-stride…she was literally “havin’ a ball” and flyin’ through the air with the greatest of ease!  Arf, arf!!!

Partially airborne while having a ball...Lucy, the flying ball fetcher!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1968, Wilt Chamberlain became the first professional basketball player to reach the 25,000 point plateau for his career.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: x-rays of the Mona Lisa show that there are 3 treatments of the same subject on the canvas, one on top of the other.  All three were painted by Leonardo DaVinci.


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