Surprise Reminder of “Home”

We have been Georgian’s now for a bit over two months.  I have to say that the first month really crawled by as I awaited starting my new work with I Am 2 Partners, Inc. (  The last month has gone by much faster, to my delight, as I’ve been fairly busy!!!!  (And that’s a good thing!  I go nuts without something to do!)  But still, this doesn’t yet feel like “home”.  Home is still, in a way, Cloverdale, CA.  We are making friends here (in fact, we’re going out to dinner with a couple of them tomorrow Saturday night), but the place is still strange to us, and foreign in many ways.

So, last Saturday, we went to an ordination service for a friend of ours (we got to know them through a man at our church in Cloverdale – his daughter, Angela, is one of the people we went to visit), and afterward they had a brief luncheon in their fellowship hall.  I made my way around to the food table, camera in hand, and after getting my food, I went in search of something to drink.  One of the tables I went by had iced tea (if you’re going to live in the South, you must learn to drink iced tea or you’ll never fit in!) and I got my drink and went back to my table via a different route.

Imagine my surprise when my route took me by a table where there was red and white wine set out for those who wished to drink wine with their lunch…and what did I see, but Pedroncelli wine!  The Pedroncelli winery is near Geyserville in Sonoma county, part of California’s wine country.  The Pedroncelli’s are wonderful folks…delightful and very warm and friendly.  I took a bunch of photos of them for an article in a magazine about a year ago (sadly, there was a change of management at the magazine and they nixed the story – at least for the time being – about this multi-generation family-run business) and I got to know the proprietors well.  When I saw these bottles of wine, I suddenly had a pang to be in Cloverdale again and see friends and family, to visit the wineries and drive among the vineyards, soaking in the scenery with good friends.

If you are in the Sonoma county area sometime, I encourage you to stop in and visit the Pedroncelli Winery and shop.  They have a very good product, very reasonably priced, and lots of delicious recipes and delightful gifts.  And if Ed St. John is there, tell him “Hi!” from Galen.  Look at his pictures while you’re there…he’s a gifted photographer and good friend!

It doesn’t take much, sometimes, to stir memories.  And it’s even better when they are good memories, like those of Cloverdale…and of good times shared with great friends…

A reminder of a "home" far away...and friends who shared good times...

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1630, popcorn was introduced to the English colonists by Quadequine, brother of Massasoit (like you know who they were, right?) who brought a bag of popcorn (hot buttered popcorn is one of my favorite foods!) to dinner.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  the British word for abalone is “ormer”, derived from the Latin for “ear”, because of the shape of the animal.


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