Small Georgia Barn

I am told that there are lots of old barns to photograph here in Georgia, though I’ve not really seen them yet.  I am anxious to find out where some of them are so I can visit them!  Part of the problem with photographing barns is that sometimes they are quite a ways off the road and if you can’t get permission to go take pictures, you must do so from the road with a telephoto lens.  That’s the case with today’s picture.

This quite small barn was probably about 300 feet from the road, but it was still intriguing.  I don’t think it’ll make it into my barn collection, but it presented an interesting challenge.  Sometimes, though, things surprise you when you actually see them on the screen.  For example, when I was taking this shot, I really didn’t notice all the small, purple flowers (clover, I think) that was between me and the barn, because I was so focused on trying to be still enough  to get a fairly sharp image (I didn’t have my tripod, so it was hand-held).  When I saw it on the screen, I thought it added a nice touch.

A small Georgia barn...

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1613, Michael Romanov was elected as the czar of Russia, starting the Romanov imperial line.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: William Henry Harrison served the shortest time in the U.S. presidency: 32 days, from March 4 to April 4, 1841.  He came down with pneumonia shortly after his inauguration and never recovered.


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