Days Long Ago

On Saturday, we traveled to the city of Athens to see some friends who live there and celebrate a special day with them.  We’d never been to Athens before but were looking forward to getting out of the metropolitan area and into parts of the country.  On the way out there we both suddenly looked around us, saw nothing but rolling hills and forests of Georgia pine mixed in with other species of tree, and turned to each other remarking on how nice it was to be in the country again.

Where we lived in Cloverdale we were in the country quite often.  Not so here.  The size of the Atlanta metro area is hard to comprehend.  There are no natural boundaries that constrain the spread of the city, so it has sprawled.

On our way back from Athens, we saw a sign for “historic downtown Statham” and decided we’d investigate.  It was a small, “back water” type of town (and I mean no offense by that).  The people there were all wonderfully friendly and delightful, though by city sophisticated city-dweller standards they would be considered “hicks” by many.  But you know what?  I relax more in that kind of environment than I can in the metro area.  I feel more at home with the simple folk (again, no offense intended).  They are down to earth, friendly, hospitable…and always seem to have the time for a little bit of a visit and well-wishes.  Oh, and the accents when you get out of the city are delightful!

I look forward to getting out again!  I took my camera, and on an old wooden building along the train tracks that sold antiques, I saw this sign for Red Rock Cola.  The Red Rock Company was founded in 1885, by Lee Hagan and G. T. Dodd of Atlanta.  Dodd initially introduced ginger ale (and later cola) as the company’s first product, which became popular in the Southern U.S.  By 1938, Red Rock was an early leader in the distribution of carbonated beverages, distributing 12-ounce bottles by way of a distribution network of 200 bottlers.  By 1947, Red Rock products were bottled in 47 of the 50 U.S. states but by 1958, the company’s success began to decline.

Red Rock Cola was endorsed by famous baseball player, Babe Ruth, which was the only product he personally endorsed. Posters of his endorsement were printed in 1939.  I may have to start a collection of old, antique signs that I shoot!  Bottoms up, everyone!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1910, at a New York dinner party, host Diamond Jim Brady ate 6 helpings of roast beef, gallons of stewed fruit, 84 oysters and three gallons of orange juice!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: one Dutch study showed that 50% of adult Dutch citizens have never flown on a plane, and 28% admitted to a fear of flying.



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