Hot Stuff!

Did you know that Yellowstone was essentially formed by the collapse of a monstrous volcano?  And, it’s heating up again.  We’ve known for a long time that Yellowstone was home to Old Faithful, but you may not have realized that Old Faithful erupts, well, faithfully, because the temperature of the water below ground heats up in a chamber to the point that it boils and explodes up out of the ground.

There are lots of geysers in the park, but Old Faithful is the best known.  There are hot pools, mineral pools, sulfurous, smelly…and very dangerous.  As you walk around parts of the park, there are signs encouraging you to stay on the wooden walkways because the ground on either side could be very thin and you could collapse down into a cauldron of boiling hot water!

This is a picture I took in 2006 when we last visited Yellowstone.  I had my Sony Alpha A-100 at the time and it was one of the first opportunities I had to really shoot some scenery.  We were on our way back home from a family reunion in Iowa when we went to Yellowstone on our way to Glacier National Park.

Yellowstone is great – don’t get me wrong – but I must say that I don’t think it holds a candle to Glacier for sheer natural beauty.  But the wildlife and geysers in Yellowstone have their own special attraction.

In the background, you’ll see what seems to be mist rising up off the surface of the water.  Don’t be fooled – it’s not mist, it is steam!  It was a hot day because it was July.  Shirt-sleeve weather.  You’d certainly want to be careful where you swam in the park.  And, you don’t want to be there when the volcano blows again, because it will be a doozie!

Hot stuff in Yellowstone National Park!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1912 in Groton, CT, the first diesel powered submarine was commissioned.  If you’ve not been there, the submarine museum there is fascinating.  My cousin used to work there and she took me through it once on a tour.  Incredible!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: only 16% of the able-bodied American males took part in the Revolutionary War.


2 thoughts on “Hot Stuff!

  1. Yellowstone is incredible and the wildlife there is spectacular, but I have to agree with you about Glacier, it’s one of my favorite places on the planet.

    1. Kathy: Glacier is my wife’s (and my) favorite of all the national parks and the most beautiful we’ve seen. The Grand Canyon is spectacular, Carlsbad Caverns is incredible, Yellowstone and Yosemite have their special charms…I could go on and on because I love them all, but Glacier is unsurpassed for pure physical beauty. I love it driving up to the top of Logan Pass from the main entrance. Every time you come around a corner, it takes your breath away, you gasp, thinking this can’t get any better…and then it does! Did you hike up over the ridge behind the visitor center at the top of Logan Pass? If not, do it sometime. Gorgeous!

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