Google, Schmoogle!

Talk about what feels like a lost day!!!!  I had one today!!!!  All of a sudden, about 4-5 days ago, I started to notice that not everything on my Google calendar was being backed up (or more properly downloaded) into my Android cell phone.  Now, if you’re not the techie type, that may not mean much to you, but to someone who relies on his phone for nearly everything related to work (contacts, calendar items, tasks and even Google documents, Word documents, PowerPoint files and Excel spreadsheets), that is catastrophic!  I could add things to the Google calendar on my notebook PC – but they never found their way to the cell phone.  Conversely, I could add them to my cell phone, but those items never migrated upstream (like nice little salmon are supposed to do!) to my Google calendar on my notebook PC!  DISASTER!  How was I supposed to keep the two in synch so that when I was away from my notebook I still could be reminded of appointments, or I could set appointments and not forget to manually add them later to my notebook Google calendar?

Like I said – disaster of major proportions.  And for a semi-geek like me, it ate at me!  Chewed me up and spit me out!  For the last 4-5 days when Laurel would ask me what I was thinking about, it was nearly always the same answer:  “I’m thinking about what might be wrong with my cell phone calendar synching.”  I’d come to the conclusion that my cell phone was unsynchable…just like the Titanic!  (Except in this case, I did want my phone to synch while those on the Titanic didn’t want it to sink!)

I even took the stinkin’ thing to the AT&T store today.  They couldn’t figure it out, either.  I pulled up my calendar on their PC so they could see it wasn’t synching.  They tried various things – no dice.

So, I came home and worked on it some more.

I tried looking at all sorts of links about “Google Calendar synch for Android” – no help.  I even exchanged some emails with a guy from either Germany or France who was trying to help me out.  (Nice guy…he has a calendar app for the Android called CalenGoo that you can get from the Android market – and it’s a sweet app and he gave me great support and help – to a total stranger clear across the Atlantic!!!  And it’s only $5.99…you may want to check it out as the Android default calendar is prone to problems and his software can bypass the Android synch software and go directly to Google.  ‘Nuff said…that’s for you techies!)

One other thing that I learned through this process: you better hope you never need help from Google.  They were useless…worse than useless.  They have links to take you to known trouble reports, but when you click on them it asks you for what language you want to use, but there’s no way to select a language and no links on the page at all!!!!  Totally useless.  And their help forums?  Rubbish!

At last, VICTORY!  It was caused by the rather cryptic instructions/labeling done by Google Calendars.  It made it appear that I’d been entering things into the right calendar, when in reality, that calendar had a different name.  When I finally figured it out, it started working again!  I can breathe!  I can now eat!  I can now sleep!  I can now be productive once again!!!!

Since this blog started out to be about my day/life in pictures, today I treat you to a picture of my Google calendar page taken from my notebook screen.  Now, isn’t this tremendously exciting???  I don’t care!!!!  My calendar is SYNCHING again!!!!  Yahoo!  (I mean, Google!!!!)

The offending little blue and white, etc.

ON THIS DAY IN  HISTORY: in 1542, Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of Henry the VIII, was executed on charges of adultery.  Being his wife was the most dangerous occupation of that time!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: a collector who tries to collect one of everything in any field of collecting is called a completist.  Duh.


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