Party Time?

Did you see the movie, Night At the Museum?  There was a sequel to it, too.  It had an interesting premise: at night time, after everyone was gone, the animals and skeletons and everything else in the museum would come to live, and they’d be chasing each other, fighting, flying, riding horses, etc., all night until it came time to return to their frozen poses during the daytime to entertain the visitors.  I have to admit, it’s an intriguing premise, and though the movie wasn’t any great shakes, I liked the idea.

Why?  Because I’ve often wondered about things like that.  What if when no one is around, the trees in the forest shake hands and converse?  What if a picture of someone could actually transmit to that person what the picture is “seeing”?  (Kinda scary thought, eh?)

When we were at the Michael Carlos Museum at Emory University in the Egyptian section, there were mummies and other artifacts on display.  No sooner did we walk into that wing than I started imagining the mummies waking up at night, getting up and moving around.  It was an eerie thought, and I’m glad that it was daytime and that I wasn’t alone in the museum.  Of course, I know that such things don’t happen (right????), but still.  I’m just sayin’…

As I stood between two of the mummy display cases looking at the shroud-wrapped bodies, I remember thinking to myself, “These people had no idea that some 4000 years later people would be standing here looking at them!”  I was struck by how small the people were back then, too.  They had to be pretty tough to have lived in those times…

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1949, the New York Yankees rewarded baseball great Joe DiMaggio by paying him the unheard of sum of $100,000 salary for the year. 

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Australia’s new house of parliament in the capital, Canberra, has more than 4500 rooms and has 250,000 square meters of floor space, making it one of the largest buildings in the southern hemisphere.



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