Skool Daze

Seems like some folks never learn anything in school.  Huck Finn struggled with it.  Many people do.  One of my pet peeves has always been people who can’t spell.  I’m not talking about typos that spell check doesn’t catch…I’m talking about people with college degrees (some advanced) who had all kinds of mis-spellings on resumes for a job.  When I saw those things on resumes, I immediately toss them into the “forget this one” pile!  Sheesh!!!!

I started my schooling in a 1-room country school in Iowa.  Bristol #3, if memory serves.  It was a mile from our farmhouse and my sister and I would walk to school on good days, or ride our bikes.  During the winter when there was snow all over, we got a ride, of course.

In the middle of the school room was a cast-iron pot-bellied stove.  That was our source of heat.  It was also where we’d put our aluminum foil-wrapped potatoes at the start of the school day and by lunch time, they’d be great – ready for butter, yummmmm!!!!  There were grades K-8 in this school, with just one teacher, Mrs. Williams.  I was the only kid in my grade.  But I loved it!!!

During recess we’d play in the yard or the pasture across the fence (we’d go there to fly kites).  During the winter, we’d dig blocks of snow/ice out of the ditch and build igloos…then one of the older kids would invariably jump on it and collapse it when us younger ones were inside.  Oh, and the bathrooms?  A boy’s and a girl’s outhouse about 75 feet or so outside the door of the schoolhouse.  During winter times, it was, well…and adventure!

Still, I felt I got a great education there.  Of course, I was only there for 2+ years as the building was eventually sold for a house and moved from the area around Churdan, IA to the “big city” (4000 people) of Jefferson some 10 miles or so away.  We wound up after that being bussed into Churdan to the public school there.  It was something of an end of an era…and I was saddened by it.  (Interestingly, later on in life during my years in high-tech, we had a customer come out to California for some training.  He was living in Texas at the time, and one day at lunch, we got to talking about our childhoods…and lo and behold, he had gone to the same one-room school as I had – only he’d been there 8-10 years earlier!  What a small world!!!!)

Today’s photo was taken inside the one-room school at Stately Oaks Plantation in Jonesboro.  When I saw this scene, it reminded me of my happy days spent in a one-room school, surrounded by the rich, black farmland of Iowa. I wish my children could have had the same experience as I did.

Memories from a long-past era...

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: this day in 1913 was a dark day in US history.  On this day, the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified, allowing the federal government to levy and raise taxes on income.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Jack Broughton was one of the most beloved of all English boxers.  He was so popular that he is buried in Westminster Abbey, even though he was not connected to royalty in any way.


2 thoughts on “Skool Daze

  1. I know English is very important but I stink at it and I got good grades but my Science and Mathematical equations liquid or solid Pharmaceutical equations (Chemical)These were the things I loved and did quite well in the others were lower grade but the teachers said some people are not good in all subjects and others are. I could look at numbers and figure them out in my head without writing them on a paper.Now I know why some of my applications for employment were not answered,they threw them away like you did:( I always thought hard work and honesty always made the person.
    When General Electric came to NH way back in the 40’s they opened up in Somersworth NH and they hired people that never had a high school education they were just hard workers.They worked there for 30 or more years and knew allot about the product,they were never late or absent well the time came for GE to move on and they started sorting and the big guys with the Education were the first to go because everyone knew the ones that made the company were the lower educated bull workers,well after 6 more years from 3,000 people it went to 1,000 and then GE just decided after giving most of the bosses the boot and early retirement that they would finalize the whole plant and move out of the country were the labor was allot lower and no paid holidays etc.Now other lower level educated people are doing the same until they get greedy or let the unions in and Boom! They will up and relocate again.Before they let everyone go they said if you don’t get your high school degree you won’t be able to stay here you need your high school diploma.So they paid for those who didn’t have to to go back to classes and get it. I believe they knew they would never get hired anywhere because of this fact and it was nice of them to send them for education.So it is always best to have an education and something to fall back on like another trade.Ive always felt bad about my English and Punctuation but just don’t have the time to get the help to improve it.I did manage to go to College three times and passed all my pre entry tests but of course the English was on the lower end.Thank God for spell check:)

    1. Part of the problem was when you had 50 resumes and needed only 1 person. One of the first screenings I had my people do was to look over the resumes and if there were careless mistakes (remember, this was in the day of Word and spell checkers!), we would typically rule that person out right away. If someone was looking for a professional level or highly technical job (like software engineering, where even a single punctuation mark that is missing or in the wrong place can cause a program not to function) and they weren’t careful enough to even use spellchecker, I didn’t want them writing code for us.

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