Country Store

I’m so excited!  On Saturday, we took a “get-away” day together and drove down to the town of Jonesboro, GA, south of Atlanta.  It is a historic area that is well known for at least two things: 1) the battle of Jonesboro (August 31 – Sept. 1, 1864) and 2) it is well known for its connections with Margaret Mitchell and Gone With the Wind.  Why am I so excited?  Because I got to take a lot of pictures for the first time since we moved here – and I like several of them that I’ll be sharing with you in the short-term future!

The battle of Jonesboro was really the last battle fought for the city of Atlanta.  The Union troops wrested control of the last railroad line that ran into the city, and for all intents and purposes, Atlanta had fallen.

Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With the Wind, frequented the Jonesboro area where she visited relatives.  The county where Jonesboro is located has been designated as “the official home of Gone With the Wind.”  Though Tara is fictional, there were many plantations that could have been the model for Tara.  And, in Jonesboro at the old railroad depot, is a museum chock-full of memorabilia from the movie, including some of the original costumes, jewelry, etc.

We visited Shady Oaks Plantation and Historical Community.  There isn’t really a plantation there, but there are several historical buildings that the Jonesboro Historical Society has moved to the site, including the main home itself.  There is a log-cabin kitchen, tenant house, one-room school house, well building, outhouse, several other buildings…but one of the most interesting was Juddy’s Country Store.  It is more of a tourist trap now, though there are snack items that you can get there.  It’s small – maybe 12-15 feet wide and 30 feet long.  But it had lots of character and interesting historical signs, containers, etc., both inside and outside.

There is a certain charm about an old country store.  For those who never lived in the country and who have not been fortunate enough to experience this bit of Americana, I’m sorry that you’ve missed it.

Today’s picture is one I took on the front left side of the entryway into Juddy’s Country Store.  I recognized several items from my childhood: the large milk can on the left, a wagon wheel, the old Coca-Cola sign.  It brought back memories, and I reveled in them!

Juddy's Country Store, Shady Oaks Plantation

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1730, Peter II, czar of Russia from 1727-1730, died of smallpox on the day that was to be his wedding day.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: frogs have nostrils and eyes on top of their head, enabling them to breathe and see though most of its body is underwater.


2 thoughts on “Country Store

  1. This is the perfect setting for an old movie,I love old antiques and Jewelry etc. I have allot left from sales I’ve been to in the past and I gave allot away. The old Opera house in Waterville Maine used most of my Jewelry for the King and I play in 2005.I have two of those milk cans from a farm in Nebraska and I brought back 12 wagon wheels I only paid $12.00 each for in 1999 and I gave them all away except for two in my driveway. I picked up last year three drop leaf tables and they are old and nice to restore because one is painted brown from years ago etc.I would love to take a tour of the South and see some of those places by car,like a two week trip.Maybe next year:) Blessings and Peace!! Nice Camera:)

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