Not too terribly long after I’d gotten a digital camera, I had lunch with a dear friend of mine in Cloverdale, Gary Carter, at a deli there.  I’d never eaten at this deli before (the Underground Cafe) so it was fun to go there (by the way, I recommend it…they have good food at good prices – and no, they didn’t pay me to say that!).  I enjoyed the meal and the conversation with my good friend, but I found the decor intriguing.  The dining area was orange, with interesting color trim on the window (which didn’t look outside, but simply into another part of the building where Antiques and Uniques was located.  The lighting in the room was interesting, too, and I resolved that I’d have to come back and shoot some pictures.  I asked the proprietor if that would be okay with her, and she said, “Sure!”

So, I think it was the next day, I traipsed back down to the Underground Cafe and took pictures.  I don’t particularly like flash photos (I much prefer whatever ambient light that exists), and it was somewhat dark in the room.  That meant a SLOW shutter speed.  I experimented and took a variety of pictures with different settings, and I took some HDR shots, too, to try to balance out the dark and light of the exposures a bit better.

When I got back to the computer and processed the HDR images (I use Photomatix Pro, from and recommend it!), I came out with some pictures that I really liked.  Today’s picture is one of them.  Know this: I didn’t adjust the colors on this shot…what you see is what the camera saw.  I thought it turned out pretty cool!

Vase and decorations at Underground Cafe in Cloverdale, CA

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1784, Ben Franklin wrote his daughter expressing his dismay that the bald eagle had been chosen as the symbol of the new nation, the United States.  He felt that the turkey would have been a better symbol.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Teddy Roosevelt “found” his dog, Skip, roaming loose in the Grand Canyon.  He took Skip home with him and Skip was the only one of Teddy’s dogs that was allowed to sleep in the Presidential bed.


2 thoughts on “Intriguing

  1. Can you see if Ben Franklin got to be President what people might have called him when things went wrong???? That’s all that was bothering him:):)

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