Connemara Marble

I’ve posted several photos lately from our trip to Ireland.  Recently, I talked about Kylemore Abbey and how there is a small Gothic chapel there that the husband built in memory of his wife.  It is a beautiful little chapel, and one of the most beautiful parts about it was seeing the various colors of Connemara Marble.  I’m sure that there probably are other colors, too, and variations of colors, but since someone expressed interest in it, I thought I’d show a photo I took that shows 6 different colors (counting the “normal” marble color of the marble blocks in the wall) of the marble at one place in the chapel.

I never knew that marble came in that many colors, so it was a real learning experience for me!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1922, Christian Nelson, of Onawa, Iowa (my proud home state!) patented something pretty cool and sweet!  It was known as…Eskimo Pie!!!! You’ve probably eaten a bunch of them yourself!  See…Iowans are good for something!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: in 1854, Philadelphia started using a street-sweeping machine.



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