A Child’s Simple Delights

Why is it that kids can be endlessly happy with just a few things and we adults have such insatiable appetites for the newest, fanciest, flashiest, most modern of everything?

When I was a boy on the farm in Iowa, we didn’t have much “stuff.”  I don’t say that to gain sympathy, because my childhood was WONDERFUL in spite of not having much in the way of toys.  My toys were sticks and rocks, a baseball mitt and a ball.  That was about it.  And I had the greatest time with just those things!!!!

I see so many kids today who aren’t content with what they have, who always want more, More, and MORE!!!!  I suppose that isn’t really all that shocking…it is human nature to be rather self-centered and “in it for what’s in it for me.”  But what surprises me is how parents these days give their kids everything, in abundance!  If the kid asks for it and mom and dad say no, the kid starts to whine…and wear down mom and dad until they finally give in.  That’s a horrible precedent.  It is important for kids, and adults, to learn to do without.  We forget how much we already have.  We’ve forgotten how to be content and satisfied…even to consider ourselves blessed to have as much as we do.  That’s one thing I learned in Haiti.  When I went down there, we’d been struggling financially for a while, I was feeling pretty doggone low and unhappy about what we DIDN’T have.  I had my perspective changed…and I came back thankful for what we DO have.  (Don’t get me wrong, I still blow it often and get unhappy and dissatisfied again, but at least now after having been in a third world country I have a different frame of reference that I can use to view the world if I choose to do so.)

Enough of that rant.  On Sunday afternoon, I took this picture of part of a sitting jumper that our 4 month old granddaughter loves.  She wasn’t in it at the time, but she will sit in it and play with these things for hours on end.  She never seems to get bored with it.  I know that she will, of course, and that she’ll grow up and want things, too…but for now, I’m just amazed at how children can delight in the simplest things, and I wish I had more of that nature in me.

Delighting in the simplest things is a great trait to cultivate.

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1907, Charles Curtis of Kansas became the first native American to serve in the Senate.  He resigned in 1929 to become Herbert Hoover’s Vice President.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: it was during the 1966 Macy’s Day parade that Ronald McDonald make his first appearance as a character.  In in 1987, a hot air balloon of his likeness was part of the parade.


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  1. Well I wrote a whole page and lost it again here.So I will say I will write it later again:( If you hit the wrong button you loose whatg you write.

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