Dunguaire Castle, Ireland

Yes, there are abbey’s in Ireland (witness yesterday’s post).  But you know what?  There are also castles in Ireland, too!!!  I can’t say that I own any of them.  Never have owned a castle in Ireland.  But when you see some of them, they’re great for photography, but from the looks of them, they would have been miserable places in the cold, wet Irish weather!  It doesn’t matter much to me how thick the walls were, but they just don’t look very warm at all.

Still, who am I to judge?  I don’t own one, as I said, and I doubt that I’ll ever spend the night in a castle (but one night might be really cool if you were in a room with real windows, a blazing hearth, a bed with plenty of blankets (or an electric blanket), 6 furry dogs to lay on the bed to help keep you warm, and electric space heaters blowing warm air on you.  Then, perhaps methinks, it might be tolerable.  (What is it with me?  The older I get, the less I like cold weather!  Probably a circulatory problem, right?)

Nonetheless, here’s Dunguaire Castle.  I took this picture on the same day as yesterday’s photo of Corcomroe Abbey, but it was later in the day and it was raining (hence the rain spots you see in the picture).  Both yesterday’s and today’s photos were shot with a really old Nikon point-and-shoot type of digital camera (4 mega pixels).

The castle was built in 1520 and features a 75-foot high tower.  It’s located on the southeastern shore of Galway Bay, near Galway (duh).  It is said to be the most photographed castle in Ireland.  If you Google it you’ll see photos of it when it wasn’t raining, but this was real Irish weather and I think it makes it more authentic with the rain drops blurring a couple spots in the picture (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it!)  The family that built it appears to have been in the area since 662 AD.  The lore of the castle includes the legend that the lord of the castle was a very generous man and his generosity continued into the afterlife: it is said that if you stand in the front doorway and ask a question, you’ll have an answer by the end of the day!

The tower and defensive wall have been restored to excellent condition and tourist are allowed to tour the place in the summertime.

Dunguaire Castle near Galway, Ireland

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1778, Captain James Cook discovered Hawaii (just don’t tell the native Hawaiians who were already there – they think they found it) when he landed near Waimea on the island of Kauai.  I’m sure glad he found it…think how sad it would be if it was still lost!!!!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Several of the Bond girls (Ursula Andress, Shirley Eaton, Eunice Gayson, Claudine Auger) were unable to match an alluring voice to their amazing physical attributes.  For each one of them, their lines were dubbed by aspiring actress Nikki van der Zyl, who later left the film industry to practice as a barrister.  On Doctor No, van der Zyl did every female voice except those of Miss Moneypenny and a Chinese girl.  She also did the grunting for Raquel Welch in One Million Years B.C.  


One thought on “Dunguaire Castle, Ireland

  1. Wow Galen:) Looks like you got the Lore of the castle on the far left at the end of the land he is very accommodating isn’t he?? You should feel privileged to get that shot:)

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