No Explanation Needed

Some things in life need little or no explanation.  Such is the case with today’s picture.

On Sunday afternoon, we took the dog to a dog park that wasn’t too far away from us.  There were 3 different sections to the dog park: a part for small dogs (up to 20 pounds) one for larger dogs and a third one that was for something else, but I never saw what.  Anyway, Lucy was thrilled.  She had the large dog compound all to herself…and a tennis ball.  Then, another dog decided to bring her owner to the small dog part of the dog park.  Lucy and this other dog made fast friends through the fence, and then they were off and running along, side by side, separate by the fence, but united by their doggy instincts.  It was heartwarming.

May you run free with the wind flowing through your hair, too!

And a good time was had by all...

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: this day, in 1973, was set aside as National Nothing Day, where people just hung around and did nothing.  It originated with Harold Pullman Coffin for the purpose of not celebrating, honoring or observing anything.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: in the 1930’s, a ball striking the foul pole in Yankee Stadium was considered in play, not a home run.


3 thoughts on “No Explanation Needed

  1. Children and dogs are allot alike,they don’t need to know all your business and where you live to like you and play and run together. Simplicity is the name of the game and just wanting to do something other then be lead by the nose or leash:)They are who they are when they can run,free as a breeze to do as they please:)(within limits in any town) Kids take it to the top and they get away with it but dogs listen better that’s the only difference besides this, Children think you owe them something but Dogs know they owe you something they want to please you, children want to squeeze you:)

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