Perspective Is Everything

It is easy to fool the eye…and some things are very good at fooling, and confusing us!!!!  Escher was a master at this (check out some of his artwork that appears to be like a pair of pants with three legs, but which only has two legs – or does it?  Or stairs that continually go up and up and never seem to end, but which are all part of a closed system.)

Photographs can confuse us, too, if things are not put into the right perspective.  But that is also true of life, isn’t it?  We have to keep things in perspective to understand, and live, life properly.

Today’s picture is a case in point.  You might look at it to start with and ask, “Why is there a rack for glasses that has the glasses standing upright?”  It would be a good question.  The truth is that the actual rack is suspended from beneath a cabinet with the glasses hanging downward, as you might expect.  But, I was laying on the floor shooting up at the rack when I took the picture. It is so easy to have the wrong perspective on things!

I wonder how often we look at things incorrectly, thinking our perspective is right, when it is really quite skewed?  I’m sure it happens more often than any of us would like to admit.

Try to keep your perspective straight this week.  It’ll make your week go more easily and you won’t be nearly as stressed when the end of the week rolls around.  All this stuff that goes on is temporary!!!!  As that old saying goes, “This, too, shall pass!”

Keeping Things in Perspective

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1943, the world’s largest office building was completed.  It covers a total of 34 acres, has 17 miles of hallways and is found in Washington, DC.  It is known as The Pentagon.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: when she died in 1967, writer Dorothy Parker left  most of her estate to civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.  She left her ashes to writer Lillian Hellman, who reportedly never claimed them!


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