Prepare to Become a Toad

Ah, the power of imagination!  Where do we lose it between our childhood and adulthood?  Does it get beaten out of us by teachers who tell us to stop day-dreaming and pay attention?  Does it happen in later educational years when we realize that our livelihoods more or less depend on being able to focus on a task at hand and produce results rather than imagining better ways to do things?  Some jobs emphasize creativity, but most don’t.  Or should I say that most employers don’t really seem to want too much creativity out of their employees because management has already figured out the best way to do things and you’d better not mess up the process!

I don’t know the answers to those questions, but I think imagination is a wonderful thing.  I wish I had more of it!!!  Little children, however, seem to have it in spades!  This afternoon our three-year-old granddaughter was here.  She loves to play dress-up and act out her imaginings.  She dressed up as a princess (of course – that wasn’t too imaginative for a 3-year old girl), but she had a magic wand and could make things happen.  For example, she had an imaginary dog that had a button on his head than when pushed, caused him to grow arms!  And he had hands…so he could eat his food using his hands instead of having to put his face into a dog bowl.  That’s the tip of the ice berg.  I was just afraid that she was going to turn her Pop-pop (that’s me) into a toad!

If you had a magic wand and could do only one thing with it, what would you do?

Are you ready to become a toad?

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1733, British MP James Oglethorpe arrived with 130 colonists in what is now Charleston to found a colony he called “Georgia” in honor of King George II.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the longest main street in America is 33 miles long.  You’ll never guess where it’s found, though.  It’s located in Island Park, Idaho.


One thought on “Prepare to Become a Toad

  1. Why I would do what I asked the Lord to do for me when I get to heaven. I asked him to let my cat be able to stand straight up and walk along side of me and to be able to talk to me and tell me what he thought of my antics when he lived with me on earth and what did I do that he did not like etc.Why not God has a Big Bird by his thrown that talks and says “Worthy is the Lamb””Worthy is the Lamb to open the book” So I figure if I am worthy enough to get to heaven and can have anything my heart desires it would be to walk and talk to my animals I had here.That’s after Me and the Lord has our walk through the field of flowers I planned for him and I. There is so much I have to ask him:)
    Your granddaughter is just getting ready that’s all,she’s ok it’s us that’s not!

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