A Man for the Ages

Some things seem timeless.  Love, beauty, jewels, integrity…all never go out of style.  I’m glad that there are some things that never seem to go out of style – things which are honorable and good.

There are also people who seem to forever capture our imaginations.  Though we may admire different people for different reasons, there are a few historical personages who seem to rise above the fray and the ebb and flow of time to remain vibrant and captivating though they have been gone for years and years.

For me, one such person was Abraham Lincoln.  From the time I can first recall hearing the name, I was hooked.  From his very humble beginnings through his struggling early years, his rise to influence and power, his presidency during the most tumultuous times this nation has ever know, his tragic assassination – he is a man of many stories and aspects.

My favorite monument to a president in Washington, DC is the Lincoln Memorial.  I love the sculpture of the great man who sits enshrined in a majestic pose captured in marble.  When I was there in 2009, I visited the memorial both during the daytime and again at night.  It is special no matter what time of the day you go, but I found the views of the statue at night the most captivating.

Enshrined in the hearts of his fellowman forever...

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1971, the TV show, “All in the Family” debuted, starring Carroll O’Connor as Archie Bunker.  The show rapidly became immensely popular.  The theme song can still be sung by memory by those who lived during that time, and in fact, the name of the show at one point was destined to be “Those Were the Days.”

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  when elected, JFK gave his aids a PT-109 tie clasp.


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