Just Another Day in the Georgia Woods

Not all days are created equal, just as all physical locations are not equally beautiful.  This past Saturday when we were at Kennesaw National Military Battlefield Park, it was overcast, gray and at times a little drizzle fell down on us.  At the top of the mountain is where the Confederates took up their position (you always want the high ground if you’ll be fighting a battle!)

I’m sure that on the day of the battle, it wasn’t as pleasant looking as it was when we were there.  This picture looks slightly downhill to the north from the very peak of the mountain, and you can see several cannon placements by the split-rail fence.  I just liked the lines in the picture…and the imaginations it stirred in me as I looked at the scene.

Fence and Confederate Cannon, Kennesaw Mountain, GA

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1770, Benjamin Franklin send the first shipment of rhubarb from England to the United States as a gift to his friend, John Bartram in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the Swiss cheese Saanekaese is highly prized and is made in small quantities in Switzerland.  It is a grating cheese and is matured for 7 years before being sold.


One thought on “Just Another Day in the Georgia Woods

  1. Getting back to the Cannon you made mention yesterday I was thinking of my 7.7 rifle an d looked up some information on it and found it was used in the Korean war and you can see where it was grenades and burned around the stock.But it was told that the USA took these rifles and put there mark on them and also modified them to shoot a different round other then it did fire.I guess the best to use if it is the original is the 30.06 because of the barrel on them.I checked it out and mine does not have the mark of the USA as far as i can tell but being they made so many different models before it is fired you are supposed to take them to a expert in this to see just what kind of round is best for the barrel etc. Now I would have never known this if you had not of brought all this up on war etc. I was going to get rid of
    this rifle but now i see it is a real war token and I think someone did loose their life with it in his hands.War is tragic and so I try not to remember them that died I try to remember them that were born to die for all peoples,nations and tongues. Well I did fire this rifle and it was not accurate,may be because the barrel was reemed over? Have to have it checked:)

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