Holding On Too Long?

This picture was taken last week when we were living in the deep-freeze here in Norcross.  This is Lucy’s water bowl that had been sitting outside overnight.  You can’t really tell from the photo, but it was frozen about 1-1/2 to 2″ deep.  What struck me was the leaves that were suspended in the ice.

There are some trees in our back yard and there had apparently been some leaves that were holding tightly to their branches, perhaps fearful of falling, perhaps hoping to renew their vitality by staying attached as long as possible.  Sometime during the night, they lost their ability to hold on any longer and they fell into Lucy’s water bowl.

It made me think about the things we hold on to, and about whether we hold on to things too long.  I know that I’ve held on to some things too long in the past.  And when we hold on to things too long, it can become very harmful.  We tend to freeze up when we refuse to let go of things that we should release…and we can fall…hard.

Maybe you’re holding on to something too tightly.  Change is inevitable.  After summer the fall must come, followed by winter…but it’s good to remember that spring does come again and then the summer.

Of course, the trick is knowing what we should release…and when…and what we should hold ever more tightly.  If only I knew…

A danger of holding on too long...

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1957, Elvis Presley passed his pre-induction test for the Army in Memphis, TN.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: until he reaches the age of 21, a male Indian elephant doesn’t seem to have any interest in romancing female elephants.  If only humans were that smart and wise!!!!


2 thoughts on “Holding On Too Long?

  1. You know that statement is so true and most of us end up saying “If only I had” But once you are older you have to let go because you need to get your house in order.Most of the yard sales are either the very young trying to get a little money for a cigarette or drinks or the very elder trying to clean out all the stuff they held on to all the years from travel or a departed spouse etc.They want the clutter gone and it is nice to be able to give that favorite grand child some extra money for their birthday etc.I often look at all the stuff i accumulated and wonder who will want this junk when I’m gone? NO ONE!!!Yep! NO ONE! To most young people today they don’t want nick knacks and doilies and ceramic dolls etc.(Better shut up):) They only want money and fun,that’s it in a nut shell.Now I don’t want to bore you but here goes. One day many moons ago I saw this yard sale in the next town from me and I had a very small car very small,well i figured why not go over and snoop,when I got there everything was for FREE! OMG FREE? Yep and I had to smallest car:( Well i shoved all that this little car could get in it. Then I asked the lady why everything was free???? This elderly woman who lived near by said that the gentleman died and the grandchildren got it the whole house but they did not want anything he had just the house to sell for the money. So here is this poor old mans stuff he cherished all his life on the ground in the front yard like garbage for FREE! Even his very personal stuff was there.Well as I went through his personal stuff no one wanted I took stuff out of my car and began to put stuff in that was very close to him like his metals from the war and his old army ring that was crushed perhaps from an all nighter? Who knows but it was there I got it straightened out and shined up and it is beautiful with an eagle on it and very silver and old.Something he must have worn with pride and so did I. I never met him but I felt very close and knew some day I would meet this person perhaps in heaven? My dad asked me where i got the ring because it was old and military and I told him the story and he began to really know me better and offered me his dads ring that he has for years.I guess he worried it might get put out on a lawn sale or given away to the wrong ones.Set your house in order cause this might happen to you, I hope not but if it did wouldn’t it be nice to know that a stranger cared about your feelings even after you were gone?
    Yes change is enevitable!!!!! Be prepared!!!

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