Bass Harbor Head Light

No, not a head light such as found in a car or truck!!!  I’m talking about a lighthouse!  Today’s picture is also from our trip to Maine in November, 2002 when we were looking for a house to which we’d move.  (Oh, yeah, we found one…brand spanking new, 2400 square feet if you include the daylight basement, 6 acres of wooded land with a small creek, $160,000!!!!  And there are still deals like that to be found in Maine – but you do have to put up with the four seasons: snow season, mud season, black fly season, and leaf-peeper season!!!!)

This is Bass Harbor Head Light, one of the most photographed places in all of Maine, located on Mt. Desert Island inside Arcadia National Park.  Construction was approved and Congress gave $5000 toward the cost.  The construction of a fog bell and tower, which no longer remains today, was completed in 1876 with a much larger 4000 pound bell being placed inside the tower in 1898. The keeper’s house remains in its original configuration with the exception of a 10-foot addition added in 1900.  The lighthouse was put on the National Register of Historic Places as  Bass Harbor Head Light Station on January 21, 1988.  Bass Harbor’s fifth order Fresnel lens was replaced in 1902 with a larger fourth order. This lens was manufactured by a French company and is still in service to this day.

When I see some of our pictures from Maine that we took along the rocky coast, it makes me want to go back.  The rocky Maine coast is certainly photogenic!!!

Bass Harbor Head Light, Acadia National Park, Maine

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: the TV show, “Mr. Ed”, about a talking horse, debuted in 1961.  The show starred Alan Young as Ed’s owner, Wilbur Post, and Connie Hines as Wilbur’s long-suffering wife, Carol.  The neighbor, Roger, was played by Larry Keating, who was not the only neighbor confounded by Ed’s antics.  Mr. Ed was voiced by Allan ‘Rocky’ Lane.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: by the end of the 1500’s, women preferred to carry their purse pouches underneath their skirts.


2 thoughts on “Bass Harbor Head Light

  1. OK For the past three years or so we hardly got any Black Flies just a few mosquitoes it’s been very warm right up till December and this weekend is going to be in the 40’s Maine was ranked the first for cleanest air in the country and very good fishing because good things come out of clean cold waters like your Alaskan Crab and Salmon.We have allot of salmon here also and the Fall foliage is beautiful the animals are happy and the crime is not like in cities where it is more convenient to get in trouble.Small towns are perfect for retiring not many people just a fireplace and old barn and lots of land to go on walking adventures:)We get the tail end of most of the storms and we have great planting for fruit trees, veggies, maple syrup, and sugar,raw honey,cost of living is very cheap and lots of food pantries and cloths cubbards with free everything.Why would anyone want to live anywhere else???? Homes and land are very reasonable an d it is cheaper to buy then rent:)We have all kinds of people that help others even different organizations to help with everything you can think of for free,because we all do free cycle and share everything.Nothing goes to the dump it gets a new home because it is still good and someone might need it.There’s other things that are nice about Maine but that;s for me to know and whoever to find out.Maine,Maine,beautiful Maine. I’d go insane if I left Maine:)

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