OK..I know that Atlanta’s nickname is HOTlanta.  Sure couldn’t prove it by me!!!!  Overall since we’ve been here, it seems like I’ve been freezing!  (I know I will rue my words come summertime, but for now, cut me a little slack, OK?)

They say that tonight we will get down to 22 degrees.  Tomorrow is supposed to drop to 20 degrees at night, and then Wednesday night is move of the same.  Then, however, it should “warm up.”  I’m looking forward to that. We are such fickle creatures when it comes to weather, aren’t we?  Wanna hear something funny?  Most people here, when they hear we moved here from northern California, really think that we were coming from a snowy, cold area.  They associate everything with the northern California mountains, not the wine country where we lived!!!

I am wondering what our heating bill will be.  They do it differently down here…you can choose from a wide variety of natural gas vendors.  I’m not quite sure how they do it, or figure out whose gas you are buying, but they seem to have it figured out.  On top of that, we had a choice: we could either pay a fixed rate for our natural gas, or we could pay a variable rate.  Now you’d tend to think that the variable rate might sometimes be better, but in fact, the variable rate when we signed up was something like 97 cents a therm and the fixed rate was something like 63 cents.  Why would anyone ever do the variable rate?  Duh…

Anyway, today’s photo was shot this past summer at the top of Cottonwood Pass, 12,100+ feet up into the Colorado Rockies, and it reflects how I’m feeling right now….COLD!

Swim, anyone?????

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: back in 1974, Richard Nixon, president of the United States, passed a law limiting the speed limit to 55 miles per hour on the nation’s highways.  The intent was to cut down gasoline consumption for the duration of the Arab oil embargo.  Though the embargo ended about 75 days later, the speed limit remained in effect for the next 13 years.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: when Ben Franklin was living in England, he used to swim the breast stroke in the Thames River.  As it turns out, that was the same stroke that was employed by Matthew Webb when he swam the English Channel in 1875, the first person to have swam across the channel.


3 thoughts on “FREEZIN’!!!!!

  1. They did take their Polor Bear plung on New Years Day! Burrrrr! And you should get out the honey and have a warm tea and honey it will warm you up! Shut the doors on all the rooms but where you are and wrap in a warm blanket and sip hot chocolate or the tea and thing of Spring!! I lock in when the heating is down twards June or even July and then if it goes up you won’t go with it:) Blessings and Peace!

  2. Your low temps will be our high temps tomorrow. However I was outside in my barefeet today and no coat. No snow here either. You’ll get used to it. Just put an extra layer on.

    1. I’m sure we will, but I can’t help trying to imagine what the Civil War soldiers went through when in camp in this kind of weather with just tents! I’m quite confident that they were much TOUGHER men than we are!

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