Modern Georgia

Happy New Year’s Eve (and New Year!) to all of you!

If you have any kind of geographic bone in your body, you’ll know that Georgia is in the southern part of the United States.  There is a perception about the south that it is a bit, well, backwards – somehow not quite caught up to modern times.  I think that most people who have that perception have never been here, or at least haven’t been here for a long time.  I’ve been impressed with some of modern, high-tech things we’ve seen since coming here, to wit:

  • At the Georgia Department of Driver Services (like the DMV in California) where you go to get your license, if you wear glasses or corrective lenses, your vision will be checked.  Now, back in California, behind the clerk who is helping you, is a vision chart, much like you’d see at an eye doctor’s office.  They ask you to read a specific line of text to be sure that you can see well enough to drive.  Here in Georgia, however, they have an electronic device that you look in to and you read the characters from there.  Much more modern – and  high-tech!  But there was one thing about it that made me wonder a bit.  Instead of reading letters, they have you read numbers.  I hope this doesn’t sound bad, but I wondered if it was because either a higher rate of illiteracy, or if it was due to people who speak other languages and may not know the names of the letters of the alphabets in English.  Strange, eh?

That’s just one example, but it makes the point.  Oh, here’s another one…the plumbing in Georgia.  Not very often do I take pictures of stuff in bathrooms (it might seem strange, but those of you who know me also know that I’m kinda strange, right?), but today I took a picture of the most high-tech bathroom I’ve seen yet in Georgia.

Laurel and I went on a walk today at Autrey Mill Nature Preserve.  We pulled into the parking lot, got the dog (Lucy) out of the car, and headed down the trail.  Before you leave the area with the buildings, there was a bathroom (smart – you wouldn’t want people hearing the call of nature in a nature preserve and having to take care of business in the woods, right?).  I was so impressed by it that I took a picture.  I’ve not seen anything like this in California!

Georgia Plumbing, 2011

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1960, after playing California nightclubs as The Pendletones, Kenny and the Cadets, and Carl and the Passions, a new group emerged that called themselves The Beach Boys.  Their first national hit was “Surfin’ Safari.”

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the meaning of the Chinese phrase associated with New Year’s is Gong Hay Fot Choy means “Wishing You a Prosperous  New Year.”



One thought on “Modern Georgia

  1. Hey don’t you see a gold mine there? You guys have a peek hole to let the air in so you don’t pass out from the smells:) Of Course the bees get in there to but if your quick enough you may be that one lucky person that gets out OK:)

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