Frozen in Time

If you could freeze any moment in time, what would it be?  Would it be the moment your lover said “I do!” as you looked them in the eyes?  Would it be a time when your children were deliriously happy and healthy?  Would it be a moment when  you felt that you’d accomplished something really significant?

Or, a slightly different question: if you could go back in a time-machine to any moment in history to experience it, what moment would you choose?

I’d have to think about those things myself.  I’m not sure what my answers would be.  Alas, we can’t time travel and I can’t turn the clock backwards to freeze a moment in time, either, as much as at times I wish I were able to do so.

One of the things that fascinates me about photography is the ability to capture a moment in time that will be visible to people for perhaps hundreds of years.  And when I say “capture a moment”, I literally mean a fraction of a second.

Today’s picture is one I shot a few years ago (2009, to be precise) with my old Sony Alpha A-100 digital camera.  We were having dinner at some friends house in the middle of their vineyard in the countryside near Cloverdale.  They had a bird feeder hanging from the eaves outside the living room and I noticed that hummingbirds were busily availing themselves of the sweet nectar that was in the feeder.  I had taken my camera with me (as I am wont to do!) and shot several pictures.  This is not a great photo by any stretch of the imagination, but I liked the way it froze this hummingbird in mid-air as it approached the feeder.  In order to freeze his wings, I shot this at 1/1600 of a second.  And now, this bird is captured forever in a magnificent moment of time, a slice of life frozen in time.  He will never get tired, never need to land.

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1492, Christopher Columbus established the first Spanish colony in the Americas, on the island of Hispanola.  It was located in what is now known as Haiti.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  in the 1900 Sears-Roebuck catalog, a piano was sold for $98.00, FOB Chicago.



2 thoughts on “Frozen in Time

  1. When I was a child I was always mystified by photography,I thought it was magical to be able to get an image of something and keep it on a paper or plastic films.Pictures in books were a novelty to me and colors were one of the best things to look at on cars at night.The stop lights red and green but they sparkled and the car lights of red and white.I guess the very nicest photography to me was when I woke up in the morning and was walking to school and could see what Jack Frost did to the cars on the streets.Why when everyone was sleeping he took photos and printed them on the cars of the trees,it was amazing and i would stare and even be late for school to look at what Jack could do during the night.I still wonder about him and still wonder about the film and camera and why a image would come out and look so real well, it is real and it is not real, how do you define this magic?

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