Gone, but Never Ever Forgotten

Well, it’s over.  As I posted yesterday, Casper, my precious white boxer, has been sick.  He continued to struggle last night with breathing.  This morning he could barely eat, seeming to have trouble swallowing, and was whimpering.  I called the vet, she called back, and said the blood tests were negative – meaning no heartworms or infection.  That left not much of any other choice other than a tumor(s).  I suppose we could have waited longer, but I just couldn’t let my buddy get worse and suffer more.  So, he was put down this morning about 11:45 a.m. EST.

I’m sure I’ll have more to reflect on later, but for now, let me just say that I would hope that sometime I could be as faithful and loyal of a friend as he was to me, as pure in my loving without even any suggestion of expectation in return.

Our lives have been WAY too full of painful goodbyes in the past month, as we said goodbye to our oldest son and his precious family in California, to our daughter and her priceless family in California, to my mom (84 years of age) and sister and two nephews in California, to our beloved church family in Cloverdale, to assorted friends in California…and now this one, farewell to Casper.  I hope we’re at the end of the farewells for a while.

No new pictures today…just some of my favorites of my buddy.  There will be no further Twolfgcd photo blog post for today.  Hopefully, I can resume tomorrow.

Casper is gone now, but he will never, ever be forgotten.

The adventure begins...


Puppies need good naps...even if they look silly doing it!                                                                       Puppies (picture above) look silly when they’re taking a nap, but who cares?


Don't even think about touchin' my chew toy!


My buddy from May 17, 2011...snuggled up for a nap in his favorite blanket.

Rest in peace, my GOOD friend!



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