Watchin’ and Waitin’ for Dad

OKI…there’s the first picture after we settled in to our rental in Atlanta.  I’ll share some more pictures of the place in the very near future (we’re still very busy unpacking and settling in!), but thought this was too cute!!!  We’ve had nice, warm weather the past 3 days (up until today) and I took this picture yesterday.  I was leaving the front wood door open so the dogs could see me when I went outside so they would feel less stressed, and when I turned and looked back at the front of the house, this is what I saw.  Both Lucy (the lab) and Casper (the boxer) watching me intently.  Maybe they were just watching to see if I was playing with another dog, or if I was getting something for them to eat – I don’t know what they though.   I just love ’em!!!

Watchin' and waitin' for daddy to come back inside...

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1538, King Henry VIII, who had declared himself to be head of the church of England, was excommunicated by the pope, Pope Paul III.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: how tall is Barbie?  She’s 11-1/2″ tall.  I think 9″ of that is legs.




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