I had a busy day today.  Tomorrow will be even busier.  Tomorrow the van with most of our worldly possessions will arrive and unload said possessions into our new house.  (It’s not really our house, we’re renting – but you get the point!)  It will be great to once more be surrounded again by familiar things…stuff we don’t have to worry about if the dogs decide to chew on a piece of furniture (like one of them did today in our youngest son’s basement!)  It’s hard to relax with the dogs in someone else’s home with someone else’s stuff at risk.  I worry about the carpet (no accidents yet!), the furniture (just the one incident of chewing on the corner of a chair that our son and his wife didn’t even like) and the like.  If they chew on our things, well, it’s not such a big deal.  And who can blame them?  They’ve been displaced for 2 weeks, slept in 2 different houses and 4 different hotels.  And, they don’t know if we’re coming or going…or when we go out the door, they don’t know if we’ll be coming back.  But, of course, we would come back!!!  They’re our babies now!!!

No pictures were taken by my camera today.  Today’s photo is from 12/5 back in Cloverdale.  The Bekins truck (well, actually the Bekins employees were loading the truck) was loading and I took my camera out to the street in front of the next door neighbors and took this picture.  Maybe tomorrow, I can get a picture of the van and some of the movers as they unload things into “our” new home!

Thanks to all who sent us their best wishes and kept us in their thoughts and prayers as we came across this great country of ours!

From is all good.

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1900, Max Planck published his quantum theory that held that radiant energy came in small, invisible “packets” rather than in a continuous stream.  Don’t ask me to explain why that’s important, but it must be for someone!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: poetic legend says Lizzie Borden gave her mother 40 whacks with her axe, and 41 to her dad.  In fact, the police said she gave her dad 10 whacks, and her mom 19.  During the trial, Lizzie was acquitted of the charges…and was set free.


2 thoughts on “Beginnings…

  1. Yep,Lizzie Borden was quite an icon when I went to school and sang the famous song Lizzie Borden had an axe she gave her mother 40 whacks when she found out what she done she gave her father 41 or something like that. My dad would take us by that old house just to let us know this is not the way to live and you don’t kill your parents.I was born in Fall River and went to school there as soon as I was old enough i left never to return.It is all different now and the streets have all changed so I would be lost anyways. But my sister who died at age 16 is buried not far from the Borden home at Old Grove Cemetery.I really don’t have that many good memories there to want to go back even to visit.They say the Maid did this,but it was never proven Lizzie was an adopted child. I always thought her sister did this and I always will.Check into the history but when you do get a picture of both girls and see for yourself.The Father was soooooo rich but would not even put in running water for the girls to wash etc. There is allot more to the story and quite interesting at that.

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