Smudge the Bethlehem Camel

It is the time for wonder.  Last night we went with our youngest son and his family to a “Walk Through Bethlehem” that was put on by a church near where they live.  I guess they’ve done this every year for 20 years – and they’ve got it down to a tee!!!

There were booths where ancient skills and crafts were demonstrated, music, a fire to gather round to hear the story of Jesus, and of course animals and a “manger” seen where Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus could be found (including the star in the sky above the manger scene.)  When we were gathered around the fire pit listening to the man tell the story of Christmas Eve about 2000 some years ago, he told how an angel appeared to Mary – hovering over where she was.  He asked the kids around the campfire if they’d ever had an angel come down and hover over them, and my 3-year old granddaughter said, “I didn’t do it!” in response!  (Maybe she has a guilty conscience about something, and equated “hovering” with being caught!!!!

Anyway, one animal I didn’t expect to see there was a camel, but Smudge was there…decked out in right proper camel attire.  Of course there were sheep, goats, a donkey…and rabbits (again, that’s according to Sophia who loves rabbits…even if they’re imaginary and only in her own mind).  Since you don’t see a camel every day, I thought I share this flash picture I took of Smudge and his two handlers.

Smudge, the camel, in Bethlehem

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1899, George Grant from Boston, MA, patented the golf tee…something I am very grateful for!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the first women flight attendants in 1930 had to all be unmarried, be nurses, and weigh no more than 115 pounds.


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