It Was a Dark Day

Well, there’s simply no other way to put this.  I’ve tried to think of other ways to say it, but without any luck.  It was a dark day in the Dalrymple household today.  Today we got an issue of AARP Magazine…and Antonio Banderas was on the cover.  I told Laurel that I was truly sorry.  I know how much she loves Antonio.  But there he was in living (if barely living) on the cover of the old folks’ magazine.  I think Laurel may come out of her mourning in about 6 years or so.  As I said, it was a dark day…

But it wasn’t all that dark.  I don’t think the sun ever broke through today, or if it did, it was for a nanosecond here or there.  But we had our daughter with us all day and our oldest granddaughter and we’ve had a great day of it.  And it’s not over yet!

Many people don’t think that cloudy days are good for taking pictures.  I think they are great days for shooting.  You don’t have the harsh light that often accompanies bright sun and there is much greater balance in the exposure as a result.

At his age, I don’t think Antonio cares whether it stays cloudy or if the sun comes out.  But maybe, in our household, when Laurel stops weeping over his appearance on AARP magazine’s cover, the sun will come out again.

Vineyard leaves on a cloudy day...

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1842, Mt. St. Helens in Washington state erupted, making it the first volcano eruption in North America for which an exact date could be established.  Of course, over a century later, it would erupt again in a spectacular explosion that changed the shape of the mountain forever.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the common male housefly lives out its entire lifespan in a period of just 17 days.


One thought on “It Was a Dark Day

  1. Well by the looks of those leaves it really doesn’t matter if it was dark grapes are beautiful on any day,I love grapes in any form on any day!!!! YUM!Seedless of course:) I am still having trouble getting this site to go to mine the only way i can post is if i come to your site Pastor???????????????? However! Parenthetical Phrase, I will try once again. Blessings and Peace! When Antonio turned into a ballerina he then began to use AARP Lets face it you need this when you go form guns to ballet shoes! BY Now!

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