Through the Window

Today is the second of the two pictures I shot on Wednesday.  This was from a window that is above the sink in the master bathroom sink area.  It’s a rather wide but quite short window.  As I was walking by it on my way into the shower yesterday, I noticed how bright the blue sky and leaves were outside the window in the side yard.  That’s what prompted me to look out other windows to see if there would be interesting photos…and it yielded the photo I shared yesterday.

Amazing how blue the sky was (and I didn’t do anything to the color curves via Photoshop!!  Because I metered the exposure off the light from outside, the inside walls at the top and bottom of the window came out looking very black.  I hadn’t quite anticipated it, so that was one of the delightful after-the-fact discoveries that happen every once in a while!

A glimpse of glory....

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1558, Elizabeth I ascended the British throne after the death of Queen Mary.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the South Pole is actually considered a desert environment, receiving about the same average amount of annual rainfall as the Sahara desert.


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